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# Order cycle time

Measures the time period between the decision to order and the delivery of goods or s ... See more
  24 fields

% Product order compliance

Measures the percentage of orders for each supplier that met the product criteria ide ... See more
  24 fields

# Student transportation complaints

Functional Area: N/A
Measures the total number of complaints recorded by the school transportation system ... See more
  24 fields

# People productivity

Industry: Manufacturing
Functional Area: N/A
Measures the productivity of the manufacturing employees in terms of units produced p ... See more
  24 fields

# Traffic count of light vehicles on urban roads

Industry: Transportation
Functional Area: N/A
Measures the volume of light vehicles on urban roads registered during the reporting ... See more
  24 fields

% Employees agree that athletic facilities are safe and attractive

Measures the percentage of employees who agree that athletic facilities within the ed ... See more
  24 fields

# Inventory days

Measures the amount of time a company holds its inventory before it is sold, based on ... See more
  24 fields

# Evaluation performed on prospective clients

Industry: Any
Functional Area: Sales and Customer Service
Measures the number of assessments performed within the reporting period in order to ... See more
  24 fields

# Positions filled

Industry: Other
Functional Area: Human Resources
Measures the number of job positions filled in the organization in the reporting peri ... See more
  24 fields

% Employees with culturally diverse backgrounds

Industry: Other
Functional Area: Human Resources
Measures the percentage of employees with different cultural backgrounds (based on r ... See more
  24 fields

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