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The KPI Institute has been researching performance measurement for more than 10 years and has developed not only the most comprehensive database of KPI examples, but also its own KPI Management Framework.

By designing tools, processes and techniques that form the perfect system to deploy a performance measurement framework, we want to empower professionals to take control over their business.


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Kpi Consulting

An advisory service through which professionals can require the opinion of our subject matter experts in regards to the KPIs they are currently deploying within the entity, in order to refine their performance measurement process.

key benefits
  • Identify the weaknesses of your performance measurement process and solutions to address them;
  • Receive inputs on the right KPIs for your performance measurement process;
  • Improve business performance by focusing on what matters the most.

This advisory service can be deployed off-site, by providing the KPI list that needs to be documented to our team of subject matter experts.

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KPIs Selection Facilitation

The KPI Institute provides the support professionals need in order to explore what drives value for their organization and what KPIs are relevant to measure strategic objectives or processes. Guidance is offered through specialized workshops, where all key stakeholders are engaged in developing the KPI framework.

key benefits
  • Identify the most relevant KPIs for your business;
  • Create accountability and buy-in from key stakeholders by involving them in the selection process and by educating them in the use of KPIs;
  • Improve the performance of the business by focusing on what matters most.

The KPI Selection workshop takes place  on-site, at the client’s premises or in a suitable location where participants can work together under the guidance of a subject matter expert.

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KPIs Documentation Assistance

The organization can build an internal knowledge repository by documenting all KPIs monitored. The recommended KPI documentation form was developed by analyzing a variety of examples from practice and integrating best practices within 30 fields which relate to KPI Unique Identification, Definition and Usage, Calculation, Targets, KPI Administration and Comment.

key benefits
  • Build a KPI library that is ready on time for the KPI activation, is reliable and cost effective;
  • Gain high-quality research for your KPIs, while saving time and allocating your resources where they can bring the most value;
  • Ensure consistency of the performance measurement process through a standardized measurement of KPIs.

This advisory service can be deployed  off-site, by providing the KPI list that needs to be documented to our team of subject matter experts.

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Performance Measurement Maturity Model

The Performance Measurement Maturity Model is a valuable tool in the form of a survey used to gather information about the current state of the performance measurement capability within the entity. The survey assesses the usage of KPIs, their alignment to strategy, the KPI documentation process, the ability to establish effective targets and to collecting results, but also how data is displayed.

key benefits
  • Optimize your performance measurement system and shift to the next maturity model;
  • Identify best practices to replace the current practices;
  • Justify investments in process improvement.

The Performance Measurement Maturity Model is an  off-site service that professionals can access through an online questionnaire.

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Performance Measurement Audit

The Performance Measurement Audit is a comprehensive advisory service meant to provide an objective assessment of the performance measurement capability within an entity. The audit offers insights into the client’s processes, instruments and policies by comparing them with best practices in measuring performance. It relies on 3 instruments: The Performance Measurement Maturity Model, Internal Documents Analysis and Interviews with Key Stakeholders.

key benefits
  • Understand the next steps to be taken in order to improve your performance measurement capability;
  • Gather direct feedback from subject matter experts on key instruments deployed;
  • Justify investments in improving the current performance measurement system.

The audit service can be easily deployed  off-site by maintain an effective communication between all parties involved. In some cases, for more complex activities, it may also involve  on-site visits, so that our consultants can gain a better understanding of the business and work dynamics.

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Performance Management Architecture Implementation

This advisory service is a complex project that will enable professionals to transform their current system and develop a state of art Performance Management Architecture, which will deliver added value for the business. The project is focused on developing or reviewing key tools like strategy maps, scorecards, dashboards and the use of KPIs within the entity. The main steps: Internal Documents Analysis, Training sessions, Workshop facilitation.

key benefits
  • Create organizational synergy by developing an integrated Performance Management Architecture;
  • Improve your business results through better alignment of efforts, more clarity and reliable data to support decision making;
  • Develop a performance culture within the entity and stimulate talent development.

Delivering such a comprehensive service includes both  off-side and  on-side activities.

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On-demand performance measurement workshops

These workshops are dedicated to supporting organizations in properly implementing performance measurement. The most challenging aspects in performance measurement, such as target setting and data gathering, as well as other particular need can be addressed in dedicated workshops.

key benefits
  • Gain access to the latest best practices in measuring performance;
  • Equip managers with the right tools to start optimizing the performance measurement system;
  • Develop the knowledge and skills of professionals to effectively measure performance.

This service is delivered on-site in a workshop format, where all stakeholders are gathered to explore the best techniques to optimize performance measurement

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