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The KPI Institute’s Research library is the meeting platform of all professionals interested in accessing first-hand performance related research, from 12 practice domains!

This section highlights the most notable Performance Measurement resources available in our Research library. help

Research studies

State of Performance Improvement and KPI Report 2015

This report reveals the latest international trends related to the usage of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and performance improvement practices.

The research has collected insights from 4 key areas in managing performance: KPI Lifecycle, Performance Improvement System, Governance and Context.

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Main findings

  • 68% of respondents noticed a positive impact on their business development after the KPI Framework implementation
  • 55% of respondents have a dedicated team responsible with managing the performance management system
  • 49% of respondents use a Performance Management System at operational level and 39% at strategic level
  • 23% of respondents completely align their organisational strategy with the employee performance plans, and 56% only partially
  • 18% of respondents use extensively predictive analytics


The KPI Dictionary Series

The KPI Dictionary represents a novelty in the Performance Management and Measurement field and they do not only define the indicators, but also contain explicit presentations of the calculation formula for more than 8,000 KPIs.

  • Research based
    7 years of business research invested
  • Rigorously referenced
    30,000+ resources studied
  • Expertise
    20+ researchers and subject matter experts involved
  • Specificity
    14 Functional Areas and 19 Industries featured

The KPI Compendium

The KPI Compendium is an exclusive publication, presenting over 20,000 KPIs that have been identified as being most used in practice. It is an indispensable tool for both individuals and organisations, facilitating the identification and usage of KPIs.

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The list of KPIs is divided into several categories, easily adaptable to your needs:

further clustered into sub-categories based on Industries and Functional Areas;

containing sub-categories such as Administration, Quality of Life, Environment and Pollution and many others;

addressing personal productivity and well-being, classified into sub-categories such as Home Economics, Personal Development, Fitness and Work-life balance.


Top KPI Reports

The Top KPIs Report series is a synthesis of what is all about: they form an overview of how KPIs are used in practice today, by combining input from the online community with analysis and insights from The KPI Institute's research analysts.

Top 10 KPIs Report Series
The most popular 10 KPIs of the year.

Top 20 KPIs Report Series
The collection of the most popular 20 KPIs of the year.

Top 25 Functional Areas KPIs Report Series
Reports containing the most popular 25 KPIs of the year by Functional Areas.

Top 25 Industry KPIs Report Series
Reports containing the most popular 25 KPIs of the year by Industries.



The Toolkits consist of templates and examples that help organisations design or improve their performance management architecture. They were developed for specific Industries and Functional Areas, as well as for Individual Performance Systems.

Access our Research library and discover Toolkits on the following areas:

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