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What is is an online database of Key Performance Indicators. Subscribers can view, submit and save KPIs for later use, as per their user access rights.
What resources can I find on
In addition to the KPI database, you can find here other valuable resources in the field of performance measurement, as it follows: collection of articles, recommended books, documentaries and movies, suggested publications, educational programs and advisory services.
Who develops the project? is a platform developed by The KPI Institute Pty. Ltd., a research organization based in Melbourne, Australia. Visit The KPI Institute here.
Pages and content

How can I know more on the topics of KPIs and performance management?
Access the page: Resources
What do the symbols #, $,% in KPIs names stand for?
The symbols indicate the type of KPI:
  • # Number of
  • $ Value of
  • % Percentage of
What types of KPIs lists are present within the website?
The KPIs within the website can be found in lists according to the following criteria: by context (Organisational, Global, Personal), by categories and sub-categories, by industry, by tags or by date.
Who can access my Bookmarked KPIs page?
Only you can access your bookmarked KPIs, upon logging in.
How do I add KPIs to my Bookmarked KPIs page?
You can manually add KPIs to this page by clicking on the Bookmark button afferent to each KPI.
The threshold examples offered in the KPI documentation form are benchmarking values?
The thresholds from the KPI documentation form are not benchmarking data, they are just sample values.
Plans & Pricing

What are the privileges of Premium subscribers?
Our Premium subscribers can view 500 KPIs documented in 24 fields, bookmark and download them in PDF format.
How do I register as a subscriber of
You can choose the best plan for you and register by clicking on each plan’s button from the Plans & Pricing page.
Is the free plan time-limited?
No, for as long as you comply with the Terms of use and you do not cancel your account, there is no limit of time for your free subscription.
How do I terminate my account?
In order to terminate your account, you have to send an email request to [email protected], stating that you no longer want to benefit from your subscription.

Other questions

What are the Terms of this website?
See the page Terms of use.
How can I contact customer support?
Via this page: Contact us.